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GT Rules

Here at GT, we have a set of rules in place to ensure a safe and positive experience. Please take the time to read them so everyone can have a good time while playing the game.


General Rules


1.1. Do not abuse the Support system; it should be used during emergency purposes only.

- warning

- 1 day ban

- add 1 day every time


1.2. Do not advertise or mention active hotels by name or hint to them.

- 3 day ban if mentioning it not by name.

- Permanent ban if speaking hotel name exactly or link


1.3 Do not attempt to scam credits or furniture from other users through betting, gambling, or trading. Proof with VIDEO or the whole DICELOG, with the amount you played with. and if the person paid or not. We also want to see what happened after the gambling is done.

-Scam tag + Trade lock (if proof is shown)


1.4 Do not bully, harass, abuse, or say anything homophobic or racist other users


-10 min mute

-20 min mute

-10+ minutes every time they disobey


1.5 Do not disclose any personal information of another user (address, ip-address, phone number, school, social medias, or any private images NUDES INCLUDED)

-Warning if first name is used

-Permanent ban


1.6 Do not spam


-10 min mute

-add 10 min every time


1.7 Users are to not participate in any sexual, inappropriate, or generally objective acts toward other users without their prior consent.

Text each other in a whisper or private chat if consent

-if continued 10 min mute


1.8 Do not make rooms with inappropriate or abusive names.

-if used to put down another player Use room tool to change name.

-If same name is put down after Use room tool once again

-If the name is just inappropriate 1 day ban and destroy the room

-If name is racist or Nazis in anyway 1 week ban and then destroy the room


1.9 Do not attempt to threaten or successfully harm a user’s home internet connection.

-3 days ban if it's only a threat

-Permanent ban


1.11. Do not disrupt events with explicit language or negative behavior.

-event ban




2.1 No real-world trading allowed



2.2 Do not create a username with an offensive name that is insulting, racist, harassing, or generally objectionable


-Ban 30 Min so they have time to change name

-Permanent ban


2.3 Do not evade an Account ban, IP ban or Mute.

-Increase time by double the time

-increase the time by double again

-Permanent ban.


2.4 Do not threaten to attempt to hack other users accounts.

-Threaten to hack = Permanent ban


2.5 Do not create multiple accounts for the purpose of taking an advantage over gaining more in-game currency and/or rares of any kind.

-empty the accounts


GT Specific


3.1. Do not attempt to or exploit errors of GT; report it to the Administration immediately.


-Permanent ban.


3.2. Do not attempt to or refund your VIP Membership or donation to GT at any given time; all payments are final.

-Permanent ban.


3.3. Do not intentionally give wrong or misleading information to staff members in reports about rule violations, complaints, bug reports, or support requests.

-48h ban.


3.4. Do not make false statements against GT or any other part of its services.


-Mute (1h).

-Ban (48h).



3.5. Do not pretend to be a representative of GT. This includes mimicking, acting like them, and or claim to have staff powers.




3.6. Do not threaten to attempt to or use any scripts or third-party software to enter, disrupt, or modify GT Hotel.

-Account ban.


3.7. Non-harmful autotyping, auto-clicking and other programs can only be used if you are the room owner or with permission from the room owner.

In case of autotyping for acts such as AFK boosting:


-Ban (24h).

-Double ban every time.